Saturday, March 30, 2013

• Bad Memory? Not a Problem Unless You’re a Robot

Well if we talk about what is it that we should train children and adults because I think we need lifelong education to do. It's not rote learning, which unfortunately it's still the model of education throughout much of the world. I think actually the United States is better than a lot of other areas in terms of having more flexible approaches to what it is we're trying to get children to do.

• Has the Future Arrived?

I'm old enough to remember December 31st, 2000. In fact, I wrote an OP-ED that appeared in the New York Times the very next day. It was about the coming of the year 2001 and what would surely be the incessant comparisons people would make with the film 2001, itself made in 1968. So finally the future had arrived. What's the checklist? How are we doing?

Friday, March 29, 2013

• Want Job Stability? Get Creative

The main message of my work over the past decade or more has been a fairly basic message and that's that every single human being is creative. But then as with anything one has to put statistical parameters around what that means, and what I've found, is that in the United States and around the world our society is really divided into people who are principally paid to use their creativity at work and those who may be quite creative but they're principally paid to use their physical labor or they're involved in low-skill service work.

• We Live in a Cosmic Shooting Gallery

Astrophysicists have been telling people for decades, at least since the '80s, that earth
orbits the sun in a shooting gallery and asteroids hit Earth. They put life and civilization at risk. It was the 1980s where we finally concluded what was the primary reason that the dinosaurs were taken out of the tree of life. that an asteroid the size of Mount Everest slammed into what is today Mexico. In fact, the Yucatán peninsula, there's a 100-mile diameter crater there that is left over from this impact.

• Should Science Teachers Be Paid More Than Humanities Teachers?

I've thought a lot about public education and science because it's important to me that kids get
exposure to some of the greatest ideas that humans have ever developed and just to enjoy them. I don't think there's one magic bullet to solving our problems of education, but there are a number of issues that I think are useful to consider.

• Of what good is mathematics?

Some people ask the question "Of what good is math?" What is the relationship between math and
physics? Well, sometimes math leads. Sometimes physics leads. Sometimes they come together because, of course, there's a use for the mathematics. For example, in the 1600s Isaac Newton asked a simple question: if an apple falls then does the moon also fall? That is perhaps one of the greatest questions ever asked by a member of Homo sapiens since the six million years since we parted ways with the apes. If an apple falls, does the moon also fall?

Friday, March 15, 2013

• You Make A Difference

Have you stopped to realize the importance you may hold in other's lives? Are you the motivation someone is looking to as his or her mentor? Are you the inspiration someone is seeking as they face challenges in their lives? Are you the cog that keeps the wheel of hope alive in someone? There are others in this life that need you. Your being is the reason someone cares. You have a grave responsibility in your living.

Friday, March 1, 2013

• Top 10 Heartburn-Friendly Party Snacks

Nearly 40 percent of Americans have heartburn at least once a month, according to the American College of Gastroenterology.
Heartburn occurs when acid from the stomach moves backwards from the stomach, up into the esophagus.
One of the biggest heartburn triggers is overeating. With celebrations round the corner note, Big meals spell big trouble. The solution? Eat small meals and snack in between. That way you won't get too hungry, and will less likely overeat.

• How stress can damage your Teeth

Life is stressful, life is tiring, and life is busy; if you think so too, then yes we agree with you. It is not a lie. But are you sure that these little stressful times are not causing you anything serious other than mental tension? Is stress bothering really bothering you? Or do you feel like having a tired jaw when you wake up?? If no then that’s very good. If yes then be a little more aware, because it can be due to teeth grinding.

• Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorder

A study published in the latest issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly reports that mind-body exercise, such as yoga, is associated with greater body satisfaction and fewer symptoms of eating disorders than traditional aerobic exercise like jogging or using cardio machines. Yoga practitioners reported less self-objectification, greater satisfaction with physical appearance, and fewer disordered eating attitudes compared to non-yoga practitioners. Through yoga, this study suggests that women may have intuitively discovered a way to buffer themselves against messages that tell them that only a thin and 'beautiful' body will lead to happiness and success.

• Fake internet girlfriends

You might not want a real girlfriend right now, so why not fake one?
Every heterosexual single man wants a girlfriend - eventually.
But sometimes not right now. Maybe you want to spend your energy climbing the career ladder and don’t have time to commit to a full-on relationship?