Monday, September 16, 2013

• The Culture-Oriented Country... the Larger Identity

Looking at the conflicts small and big alike which engulf the world today reveals that they, without exception, are provoked by ideological, sectarian, ethnic and linguistic differences, as well as the widening gap between the identities living in one particular country

• Jakarta The Capital Of Indonesia

capital with a population of twenty thousand million. Tall minarets; wide, clean roads; countless cars and motor-cycles driven by young and old men and women in a predominantly Muslim developing society, representing the largest Muslim population in any one country, amounting to 205m out of a total population of 230m. However, they are an example of respecting others, bearing a noble, unique slogan: Unity in Diversity , which is the source of the power of this society. But the picture usually looks hazy, and our task was to adjust the picture and present it in its natural colours. The starting point was Manila airport.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

• The Yellow Media

The term yellow press appeared in the late 19th century when a media war was waged between two American press tycoons: Joseph Pulitzer, owner of New York World, and William Randolf Hurst, owner of New York Journal.