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• Approaches & methods for institutional analysis

Approaches & methods for institutional analysis
How to use the hub model
         List the agencies
         Identify the functions that they do / should do (enabling, service provider, client)
Ø this may mean separating a whole agency into parts by function (eg: Min of Ag)
Ø Consider the nature of the relationships between the functions: what are they, what should they be?
         Try drawing them on the triangle
         Include flows of funds with arrows
How to use the 4Rs
l  Many ways to use this social enquiry tool and at different stages. For example, in stakeholder group:
l  Use a facilitator as a neutral party (power is a sensitive subject)
l  Steps to success:
Ø Background research (history, politics, legal and fiscal)
Ø Determine the current roles of the stakeholders
o       {rights, revenues, responsibilities} + {relationships}
Ø Negotiate the future roles of the stakeholders (take it in steps – small easy wins first!)
Ø Capacity mapping
 Approaches & methods for policy analysis & change
Methods for analysing policy and policy process

Identifying stakeholders

Stakeholders – changes in forestry policy

Stakeholder analysis

Livelihoods analysis of stakeholders
For each stakeholder group (and particularly poor stakeholders):
          how does the policy issue (& potential changes) affect their access to livelihood assets
          how does it affect their vulnerability
          what relations do they have with the different institutions and organisations concerned
          what livelihood stategies do they currently employ and how are they affected by the policy issue (& potential changes
          how will their livelihood outcomes be affected
          how can they be engaged in the process of influencing and changing policy
Methods for identifying strategies & interventions for policy change

Informing and influencing strategies
A systematic approach to understanding and planning what needs to be done in order to bring about change among policy actors and stakeholders
How do we enable policy change?

Who are the “actors” involved?

Understanding roles

Understanding incentives & constraints

Identifying measures and implications

By Dr. Anwar Khawtharani

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